Tuesday, April 26, 2011

days 4-9 :)

day 4: a picture of yourself and a family member (or members in this case).

this would be my little sister Emily, Me, my cousin Leah and my cousin Will :)

you have know idea how much we laughed at this picture!

i love my family.

day 5: a picture of your favorite memory.

okay, my REAL fave memory would most definitely be my Holyghost night!

and then it would be the night Cory asked me to be his girlfriend.. but i dont have a picture of either. and this night runs a close race :) i was in such a good place in my life at this time. almost as good of a place as i am now :) this night involved my BBF Tyler :) we've been close for 2 years now! and i love him to death! he made this night so fun! we went out to eat & came back to Blake's house and just hung out :) ahh.. it was so fun!

day 6: a picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

ARIEL!!!! :) i would LOVE to be Ariel at Disney World<3

**in this picture: this was RIGHT before she pointed out that we had the SAME color hair :) i flipped out like a little girl!

day 7: a picture that makes you laugh.

haha! i seriously LOVE this picture!

its me and my bff Hilary.

not only does it make me laugh, but its also an amazing memory!

man, i love this picture & Hilary!

day 8: a picture of your most treasured item.

okay, so obviously i love my cell phone and my car and junk.. ya know. silly things like that, but one of the things i really do love the most is my big stuffed puppy Cory got me for Valentine's Day<3 (along with 1/2 dozen red roses!) i named him Puddin cause that's what i used to call Cory ALL the time and he's got a vanilla puddin color to him :) i sleep with him EVERY night. it's like having someone sleep with me! he couldn't have gotten me a better gift! he's a BIG puppy so i can't take him with me :( but i love it so much!

day 9: a picture of the person who's gotten you through the most.


this woman is my very best friend! and i am so thankful God blessed me with such an amazing mother! she's been there with me through everything :) we're so much alike it's crazy! idk what in the world id do without her :)

i love you mama!

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