Friday, March 16, 2012

been so long...

that ive posted! geez. not that anyone really reads it lol i remember last year when it was ALL the rage to have a blog lol it does NOT seem like a year ago!! anyways, since my last post, the house is coming along nicely :) Cory STILL needs a better job :/ please send one up to the big man for that! Wedding plans are coming along fine i do believe :) we have 76 days left till we tie the knot! :) :) yay!! so excited! im ready for the house to be completely finished & for us to start moving in & decorating! im super excited about our household showers too :) which will probably be sometime next month! tonight is Amanda Bridges & Dean Lewis's wedding! :D i am so stoked cause i KNOW its gonna be beautiful! It seriously just seems like it was just the other day that they got engaged & they're already getting married!! crazy stuff! makes me nervous cause i feel like ours will be here ANY second! there are 4 of us getting married at the Branch!! Amanda, then me, then my good friends Kesha Lipham & Blake Edwards! :) & KENDRA & SETH ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!! yes. i know. crazy! it makes me feel so old to know that im getting married & so is Kendra! before i know it, Hilary will be & so will Kayla! lol it just makes me realize that we are all really growing up :/ so crazy. i know its a part of life & all, but geez. its just so weird! i cant grasp the fact that ill be moving away from my home & going to a completely different church (which i am SO thankful for!!) & that ill actually have my own home & a hubby! :) and hopefully a few years from now the Lord will bless us with kids! (no i do NOT have baby fever!! when i say a few years i mean like 5!! lol so dont freak!) then ill REALLY feel old lol i mean, Becca already had a baby & he is growing SO fast! he's getting so chubby & i LOVE it :) :) he's starting to grin & make a whole lot of noises & kinda laugh :) Gracie & Mason are so big now :( its so hard to believe they're growing up!! Mason is playing T-ball! its so cute :) Gracie is talking SO much. lol this post is almost too depressing lol! anyways, just felt like letting you guys in on some stuff! :)
much love & fair winds, follwers! :)