Monday, May 16, 2011

for every time you heard me pray...

haha hello old friends :) wow. just WOW. its been like... over 3 weeks since ive even been able to post! soooo prepare for a LOOOONG one!

so FIRST.. i wanna thank the Lord :)
God truly watched over my family and friends. the storms came close to us & he seriously kept us safe! friends of ours that live like.. right down the road had damage, but God kept them alive and well! of course, the whole time the storms were going on, Cory and I were telling each other we loved each other every chance we got! (pathetic and probably gross to most you -Hilary- i know!) anyways, i feel so bad and my heart seriously goes out to those who lost loved ones :( i cant imagine what it was like and i know God is comforting each of you! my nerves were SHOT for days! ugh. it was awful. yeah, i tried to go camping with the girls and just found myself crying to Cory again. i cried every day for... i think it was 5 or 6 days. yeah. it was bad. but PTL we got power after 6 days!!!! =D lol so i am definitely thankful for watching over my friends, family and loved ones! and for helping sleep with only a laptop for 5 nights :) and helping my seriously shot nerves.

about the whole 100 days things, i have a LOT to catch up to... and im not gonna try to catch up. im just gonna start where i left off and say it was postponed for a few days :) k? k!

if some of you didnt know i have the ever so wonderful privilege of living next to Jenny Harkins :) haha! anyways, while we didnt have power, they were moving in next door and had a bunch to do... sooooo guess who was a total sweetie and helped?! =D ME!! okay, okay... i admitt it. the reason i did it, is so i could have the adorable dining room table she was selling :) :) yes, friends, i have a dining room table to go in my future home! it now resides in my garage... lol

i got EXTREMELY lucky! =D
SSCC decided to either let you take the final, or just accept the grade you have.
well... guess who had A's?! yes... ME!!!! therefore, i did not take finals! :) :) :) :)

i love my boyfriend, for those of you who dont know :) and i love his church! even though someone from there wondered who "that little girl following Cory around" was.... yeah. =/ haha! just my luck, right? anyways, i love Plevna :) the people there are so nice! & there is a great feeling there!

Saturday... was.... AWFUL!! my sinuses decided, "Hey! let's make Rae's right eye swell up to the size of Quazie-Mo-Do's!".... yes. i was so upset all i wanted to do was cry. it has yet to go completely and totally down. :(

uuummmmm.... let's see... what else... lol
i think that's about it! for now anyways... haha :)
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  1. haha you're so cute! I miss you!

  2. Hallelujah we have cable/internet!!! I know you are as excited as me! And.. yes, you do have the fabulous privilege of living next to me! Thanks for keeping us all sane during the power outage and storms! Oh.. and .... I LOVES YOU SO BIG!!!!! Bahahahaa!!! This is never going to get old, just so you know! ;)

  3. April- i love you and miss you foxy mama!
    Jenny- youre welcome for keeping you sane! haha idk how i couldve been any help with how my nerves were going WACK! anyways, I LOVE YOU SO BIG!!! ;) and yes, i realize that even when i am married, everytime you see me youre going to tell me how big you love me!

  4. That's so sweet! You dating Corey! They are such an amazing family! Plevna has alot of sweet people!!