Tuesday, April 26, 2011

days 4-9 :)

day 4: a picture of yourself and a family member (or members in this case).

this would be my little sister Emily, Me, my cousin Leah and my cousin Will :)

you have know idea how much we laughed at this picture!

i love my family.

day 5: a picture of your favorite memory.

okay, my REAL fave memory would most definitely be my Holyghost night!

and then it would be the night Cory asked me to be his girlfriend.. but i dont have a picture of either. and this night runs a close race :) i was in such a good place in my life at this time. almost as good of a place as i am now :) this night involved my BBF Tyler :) we've been close for 2 years now! and i love him to death! he made this night so fun! we went out to eat & came back to Blake's house and just hung out :) ahh.. it was so fun!

day 6: a picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

ARIEL!!!! :) i would LOVE to be Ariel at Disney World<3

**in this picture: this was RIGHT before she pointed out that we had the SAME color hair :) i flipped out like a little girl!

day 7: a picture that makes you laugh.

haha! i seriously LOVE this picture!

its me and my bff Hilary.

not only does it make me laugh, but its also an amazing memory!

man, i love this picture & Hilary!

day 8: a picture of your most treasured item.

okay, so obviously i love my cell phone and my car and junk.. ya know. silly things like that, but one of the things i really do love the most is my big stuffed puppy Cory got me for Valentine's Day<3 (along with 1/2 dozen red roses!) i named him Puddin cause that's what i used to call Cory ALL the time and he's got a vanilla puddin color to him :) i sleep with him EVERY night. it's like having someone sleep with me! he couldn't have gotten me a better gift! he's a BIG puppy so i can't take him with me :( but i love it so much!

day 9: a picture of the person who's gotten you through the most.


this woman is my very best friend! and i am so thankful God blessed me with such an amazing mother! she's been there with me through everything :) we're so much alike it's crazy! idk what in the world id do without her :)

i love you mama!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

an update on my uber exciting life:

I went to school... blah =/ grossss.. then i went to pick up my little sister at school just like i do nearly every day. It was Rock Star day at her school, and everyone was outside when i got there, so i went and visited.. in a way, it made me miss high school. but in all honesty, i dont miss it that much! if i missed anything at all it would be the socialization part of it. cause, you know this is true if you've ever met me, i LOVE to socialize! but the thing is, if i were to go back to high school now, none of my friends that i graduated with would even be there! so it wouldnt be as fun! but it did make me miss the fun stuff about it... but that's truly about it! lol i dont remember anything extra special actuall happening. other than the fact that i found i was gonna get to see my man the next day :D haha i get so excited when it comes to getting to see him! I was especially excited cause i knew we were gonna get to be around my friends and i like to show him off ;) he's so beautiful! haha but that's all i really remember about Monday....


this is when all the good stuff happened!

i went to school (gross) and then i went to G'ville to get some shopping in! you see Sunday when i went, i found this $7 shirt i thought Cory would look amazing in, but dumb me just decided not get it =/ so i HAD to go back and get it bc Thursday (today) we were gonna take pictures :) Kendra was supposed to take them (it isnt gonna happen & ill explain later). anyways, so i went and spent forEVER in Rue 21 cause i couldnt find something i liked for me to go with the shirt. i wound up with a plain black top bc it looked the best :)

okay, so Hilary texts me.. and asks me to ride with her & Caleb to my "Big Brother"'s (Blake) birthday bash at Baumhower's in Hville :) (or "Huntsvegas" as April April likes to call it) but i was already driving & Em was riding with me.. so they just decided they'd ride with me :) and yes!! my mother actually let me drive ALL the way at NIGHT! i know, i know :) i was sooo proud! so GUESS WHAT! (Kenna, you're gonna be so proud!) I cleaned my car out!! vacuumed and everything=D. so since i was cleaning it out in the garage, i didnt have any shoes on (fyi: i dont really like wearing shoes...) and it was so close to time to go get Em, Jacob and Leah that i was in a rush and i was hungry! so mama made me a ham sandwich (bless her) and i grabbed my purse and keys & jumped in the car! driving down the road i realized... i had no shoes on. -_- yeah, for real. i drove ALL the way to the school without shoes. and had no time to go back! it was pretty funny :) alas, they wound up not riding... Hilary- she rode with Kayla (loserrrrr.. jk iloveyou) and Caleb- he had a bad day *random song moment!* "Cause ya had a bad day! you're takin' one down, ya sing a sad song just ta turn it around! you say you dont know, ya tell me don' lie you work on a smile and ya go for a ride! ya had a bad day, the camera dont lie, ya comin' back down & ya really don' mind... ya had a bad dayy-ayy-ayyyyy... ya had a bad day"

okay, sorry :) SO before that, i had thought that Blake said to be at Wings at 6:30... & that's what i told Cory... well, APPARENTLY it was 7:30! ugh. i fail. but we wound up leavin at like 5:30-ish anyways cause Cory and I wanted to spend more time together :) so we went to the mall and looked around :) then we went to wings! ahh what fun :) a bunch of people came! :D Cory left at like 9 which was sad, as always :( well, after he left, Derrick started doing a photo shoot for April's camera.. and i was RIGHT behind him just-a creepin! then he asked me to join him and of course i did! :) we had a ball! it was so fun!! :) i will have to post the pics :)

so yeah, i drove home (yes, as i said earlier ALL the way!!) and i was SO tired!!!! ugh. i even fell asleep on Cory! haha oppsieee :)


once again, i went to school. i go Mon-Thurs and it gets OLD!! i came home & was so tired that i did absolutely NOTHING! I pretty just just layed in the bed all afternoon and then when Cory got home from school i talked to him like always. My mother hates that lol we're on the phone constantly. our parents can't believe we wanna talk to each other so much! but hey, i love him and all i care about is being with him.. so what's a girl to do?! lol anyways, i got up and got ready for church... which i was late for yet again. church was alright.. one of those testifying services. some really good ones were told :) when i went to bed i noticed id heard a loud rumble... see, i hate thunderstorms! im not as bas as i used to be, but i still dont like them.. and the thunder and lightening last night was TERRIBLE. =( ugh. i was scared! i finally went to sleep...

today has been good so far...

until just a minute ago. last night Cory's parents gave him the O.K. for him to come see me tomorrow :) but he just texted me and said he'd had a bad day & it had to do with his car.

just. our. luck. =/ ugh. i hate when i get my hopes up for something and they're shot down! of course, idk if he's for sure not coming or what.. :( this is what i dislike about being in a long-distance relationship... the wonder of when i'll get to see him next :( we make all these plans for us to do and then BAM something happens or he cant :( maybe things will turn around though, like i said, i dont like getting my hopes up. when something bad happens, or there's a slight possibilty of him not coming, i always look for the worst. i know, im a "negative ned" lol can't help it though! its just my mentality. i try to be positive, but i just really hate the feeling when i get my hopes up only to have them shot down :( anyways, sorry about my rambling... im pretty sure ive done enough of it now :)

fair winds my friends!


*ps: Cory just had a flat :) i worry too much!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

you wanna be on top? DA NA NA NA NA!

Day 3: a picture of the cast from your favorite show-

America's Next Top Model!

i love Tyra Banks!

this is the cycle where Paulina Porizkova was a judge.

Mrs. Jay, Tyra and Nigel are always judges :)

Twiggy has also been a judge :)

and this is the ever so gorgeous Jay Manuel<3
idk if he's gay or not, but this man is BEAUTIFUL!

"Never dull your shine for somebody else."-Tyra

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

day 2: the person you've been closest to the longest-

this would be my first cousin Will :)

ive been really close to all my friends for a REALLY long time, but Will and I have been best friends since we were born. he's a tad bit younger than me..

anyways, this kid ALWAYS finds a way to make me laugh :) if i ever need lifting up, i can always go to him :)

we never act our age when we get together. we're always joking around and goofing off acting like we're 5 years old.

i love him so much!

Monday, April 18, 2011

There was this little girly... her hair was kinda curly..

Day 1: a picture of yourself with 21 facts-

1. I'm 18... but i really look about 15 or 16.

2. I honestly love to be called Rae :)

3. I have red hair & blue eyes.

4. i am 4'11 & 1/2 & i love being short!

5. my hair is naturally curly.

6. i was voted Biggest Flirt of my senior class...

7. now, i am a flirt. i'll admitt it! but in all honesty i dont do it on purpose. its just my personality. im a very friendly person. & i can see where it would come across as being a flirt. but i promise it's not on purpose!

8. i went to disney world for my senior trip :)

9. i have an AMAZING boyfriend who i am madly in love with :) we go together like pb&j ;)

10. i have a thing for older men (even though my boyfriend is 1 year & 4 months younger than i am). i just tend to find them attractive.

11. thanks to Kurt, i am no longer allowed to watch the new episodes of Glee =/

12. i love to sing! and i loooove love LOVE to dance!

13. i love acting & adore broadway :)

14. I have God's most amazing gift & i would never trade it for anything! :)

15. Cory & I will be together for 8 months a week from wednesday :)

16. this is the longest relationship i have ever been.... ever.

17. my friends are better than yours =P

18. i can't stand sleeping with the tv off!

19. my biggest pet peeve is when a door is either left open or just barely cracked... this seriously gets to me & idk why! but when I have a door shut and my mom or sister comes in & either leaves it open, or doesnt shut it all the way it flies all over me.

20. im actually pretty lazy and i have tried doing better!

21. i am a huge disney world fanatic. no joke.. & absolutely no exaggeration. ask any of my friends or family.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

no matter what they say...

UGH. this blogspot thing confuses me! there are just some things im gonna have to get my friends to help me with it. anyyyways! i guess i could let you in on my wonderfully, outrageously exciting life ;) *heavy sarcasm* this weekend was our regular! i had the joy of washing Melia's feet & the Lord blessed! PTL ;) lol so let's see... let's now start with Friday night: Kendra asked me to go to Oak Grove's Easter play.. which of course i couldnt go to bc my mom is a worry wart. lol of course. so i stayed home. which is a good thing in a way cause the boyfriend had to work and i was able to talk to him for a lot longer than i expected! :) saturday is when i made my blog! haha and all i did that day was talk to Cory till he had to go to work (he worked 1:30-10:30 PTL for more hours! =D) and watch ANTM :) i finally decided to get my humongo pile of clothes put away :) i actually managed to put them ALL away, curl my hair & talk to Cory while he was on his dinner break before church :) alas, my little sister just HAD to make us late as usual. it never fails. we were 10 minutes late for church & we live like.. maybe 2 minutes away! ugh. so we went to church where i sat in the back because the front of our church has been wonderfully blessed with a TON of young girls! so during preaching, some of us have to mozy our way to the back. i found that sitting back there... its just so hard to pay attention! =/ anyways, after church was over me, caleb, cassie and emily piled up in his car and everyone went to McD's! well, a lot of people did anyways! it was fun :) i missed Cory bad though :( Caleb brought me back to my car, and me and Emily went to get her things so we could stay the night with some friends :) it was pretty fun :) Cory woke me up at like... almost 9 this morning because he had to work again! 9:30-5:30 :) im actually glad he's getting more hours! that means more money! i dont neccessarily like the fact that it's keeping me from talking to him.. buuuut he is making more money! :) today i was 10 minutes late... again. i had left my shoes at home! and had to run and get them and brush my teeth and junk.. causing me to be late.. and i sat in the back AGAIN. meeting was FOREVERRRR long! i didn't get to talk on the phone with Cory on his lunch break.. which was a bummer cause we had to text & its just not the same! anyways, after that Me, Melia, Kendra, Caleb, Natalie, Hilary and Kayla went shopping for a bit and then Kendra, Me, Melia and Caleb went to a Resurrection House... at a Baptist church :) haha! this is where the day gets pretty interesting. First: our mission: to be in the 4:00 show so we could get back to church at 5. Mission: not completed. we were a taaaad bit late! anyways, what we went to was a walk-through Easter play. not too shabby of a play. they gave us the Lord's supper. hahahahaahhaha! We all accidentally ate the bread before they blessed it! hahahaha! oh no worries, it was grape juice! i asked :) haha! THEN at the very end of the play (this is when Kendra, Melia and Caleb were freaking out because of the time) the pastor comes out to talk... yeah. he started in on "saying the sinners prayer" so you could be "born again".... then they proceeded to say the prayer. and we just sat there. haha! it was pretty hilarious. it also made me very thankful for the religion i am in... but we wont go into that :) and like i said after that we went to church, had a righteous meeting & then i came home. i ate some of mother's maaaahhhhh-valous (marvelous) brunswick stew and watched my favorite movie The Princess and the Frog! and I am now waiting to get my little sister's bag from a friend and watching When in Rome... you know what?... i think i shall do a survey! :D yes, i shall! fair winds my friends, --RaE.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing: Rae :)

The name's Rachael. but you can call me Rae :) I have long, curly red hair that I am truly thankful for! in all honesty, it's the only thing i truly like about myself. I have bright blue eyes :) I am 18 years old! turning the big 1-9 this year =/ YES! I am 4'11 & 1/2. *feel free to laugh* im very used to being made fun of for it... so dont think it'll hurt my feelings :) My fam[ily] is awesome! :D my mom is my best friend. Im so much like her, it scares me. If you know her, you'll agree that she's awesome :) Daddy is amazing :) :) if you know him... well, you know how "cool" he is ;) i have 2 sisters and a brother-in-law :) i have so many friends its crazy! :) i love them all! they know who they are :) :) anyways, if you haven't met me... you're seriously missing out ;) my 2 fave colors are purple and green :) i am SUPER outgoing! if idk you, and i want to.. more than likely im gonna talk to ya! i have God's greatest gift :) :) for almost 8 years now!! :D i love to sing and dance :) i love going rafting and swimming! im taken by the best guy EVER!! Cory Holman <3 he means a lot to me :) this is the 1st time ive ever been in love, so i apologize for any mushiness i may put on here about him :) i can be a morning and a night person depending on how i feel like doing it :) yes, im one of those Twilight people :) i plan on doing the 100 days, 100 pictures thing :) so be looking for that pals! until then, fair winds my friends<3 --RaE.