Sunday, April 17, 2011

no matter what they say...

UGH. this blogspot thing confuses me! there are just some things im gonna have to get my friends to help me with it. anyyyways! i guess i could let you in on my wonderfully, outrageously exciting life ;) *heavy sarcasm* this weekend was our regular! i had the joy of washing Melia's feet & the Lord blessed! PTL ;) lol so let's see... let's now start with Friday night: Kendra asked me to go to Oak Grove's Easter play.. which of course i couldnt go to bc my mom is a worry wart. lol of course. so i stayed home. which is a good thing in a way cause the boyfriend had to work and i was able to talk to him for a lot longer than i expected! :) saturday is when i made my blog! haha and all i did that day was talk to Cory till he had to go to work (he worked 1:30-10:30 PTL for more hours! =D) and watch ANTM :) i finally decided to get my humongo pile of clothes put away :) i actually managed to put them ALL away, curl my hair & talk to Cory while he was on his dinner break before church :) alas, my little sister just HAD to make us late as usual. it never fails. we were 10 minutes late for church & we live like.. maybe 2 minutes away! ugh. so we went to church where i sat in the back because the front of our church has been wonderfully blessed with a TON of young girls! so during preaching, some of us have to mozy our way to the back. i found that sitting back there... its just so hard to pay attention! =/ anyways, after church was over me, caleb, cassie and emily piled up in his car and everyone went to McD's! well, a lot of people did anyways! it was fun :) i missed Cory bad though :( Caleb brought me back to my car, and me and Emily went to get her things so we could stay the night with some friends :) it was pretty fun :) Cory woke me up at like... almost 9 this morning because he had to work again! 9:30-5:30 :) im actually glad he's getting more hours! that means more money! i dont neccessarily like the fact that it's keeping me from talking to him.. buuuut he is making more money! :) today i was 10 minutes late... again. i had left my shoes at home! and had to run and get them and brush my teeth and junk.. causing me to be late.. and i sat in the back AGAIN. meeting was FOREVERRRR long! i didn't get to talk on the phone with Cory on his lunch break.. which was a bummer cause we had to text & its just not the same! anyways, after that Me, Melia, Kendra, Caleb, Natalie, Hilary and Kayla went shopping for a bit and then Kendra, Me, Melia and Caleb went to a Resurrection House... at a Baptist church :) haha! this is where the day gets pretty interesting. First: our mission: to be in the 4:00 show so we could get back to church at 5. Mission: not completed. we were a taaaad bit late! anyways, what we went to was a walk-through Easter play. not too shabby of a play. they gave us the Lord's supper. hahahahaahhaha! We all accidentally ate the bread before they blessed it! hahahaha! oh no worries, it was grape juice! i asked :) haha! THEN at the very end of the play (this is when Kendra, Melia and Caleb were freaking out because of the time) the pastor comes out to talk... yeah. he started in on "saying the sinners prayer" so you could be "born again".... then they proceeded to say the prayer. and we just sat there. haha! it was pretty hilarious. it also made me very thankful for the religion i am in... but we wont go into that :) and like i said after that we went to church, had a righteous meeting & then i came home. i ate some of mother's maaaahhhhh-valous (marvelous) brunswick stew and watched my favorite movie The Princess and the Frog! and I am now waiting to get my little sister's bag from a friend and watching When in Rome... you know what?... i think i shall do a survey! :D yes, i shall! fair winds my friends, --RaE.

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