Saturday, April 16, 2011

Introducing: Rae :)

The name's Rachael. but you can call me Rae :) I have long, curly red hair that I am truly thankful for! in all honesty, it's the only thing i truly like about myself. I have bright blue eyes :) I am 18 years old! turning the big 1-9 this year =/ YES! I am 4'11 & 1/2. *feel free to laugh* im very used to being made fun of for it... so dont think it'll hurt my feelings :) My fam[ily] is awesome! :D my mom is my best friend. Im so much like her, it scares me. If you know her, you'll agree that she's awesome :) Daddy is amazing :) :) if you know him... well, you know how "cool" he is ;) i have 2 sisters and a brother-in-law :) i have so many friends its crazy! :) i love them all! they know who they are :) :) anyways, if you haven't met me... you're seriously missing out ;) my 2 fave colors are purple and green :) i am SUPER outgoing! if idk you, and i want to.. more than likely im gonna talk to ya! i have God's greatest gift :) :) for almost 8 years now!! :D i love to sing and dance :) i love going rafting and swimming! im taken by the best guy EVER!! Cory Holman <3 he means a lot to me :) this is the 1st time ive ever been in love, so i apologize for any mushiness i may put on here about him :) i can be a morning and a night person depending on how i feel like doing it :) yes, im one of those Twilight people :) i plan on doing the 100 days, 100 pictures thing :) so be looking for that pals! until then, fair winds my friends<3 --RaE.


  1. when did you get the hg?? bc i've almost had it 8 years i'm assuming we got it around the same time (:

  2. august 1, 2008 :) when did you?
    oh! and i saw where you did a survey on your blog.. how?! mine will not let me copy and paste anything! :(

  3. thats weird! i definitely just copy and paste mine. umm so did you mean to put that you got the hg in 2008?? lol i got it june 17th 2003 (: