Thursday, April 21, 2011

an update on my uber exciting life:

I went to school... blah =/ grossss.. then i went to pick up my little sister at school just like i do nearly every day. It was Rock Star day at her school, and everyone was outside when i got there, so i went and visited.. in a way, it made me miss high school. but in all honesty, i dont miss it that much! if i missed anything at all it would be the socialization part of it. cause, you know this is true if you've ever met me, i LOVE to socialize! but the thing is, if i were to go back to high school now, none of my friends that i graduated with would even be there! so it wouldnt be as fun! but it did make me miss the fun stuff about it... but that's truly about it! lol i dont remember anything extra special actuall happening. other than the fact that i found i was gonna get to see my man the next day :D haha i get so excited when it comes to getting to see him! I was especially excited cause i knew we were gonna get to be around my friends and i like to show him off ;) he's so beautiful! haha but that's all i really remember about Monday....


this is when all the good stuff happened!

i went to school (gross) and then i went to G'ville to get some shopping in! you see Sunday when i went, i found this $7 shirt i thought Cory would look amazing in, but dumb me just decided not get it =/ so i HAD to go back and get it bc Thursday (today) we were gonna take pictures :) Kendra was supposed to take them (it isnt gonna happen & ill explain later). anyways, so i went and spent forEVER in Rue 21 cause i couldnt find something i liked for me to go with the shirt. i wound up with a plain black top bc it looked the best :)

okay, so Hilary texts me.. and asks me to ride with her & Caleb to my "Big Brother"'s (Blake) birthday bash at Baumhower's in Hville :) (or "Huntsvegas" as April April likes to call it) but i was already driving & Em was riding with me.. so they just decided they'd ride with me :) and yes!! my mother actually let me drive ALL the way at NIGHT! i know, i know :) i was sooo proud! so GUESS WHAT! (Kenna, you're gonna be so proud!) I cleaned my car out!! vacuumed and everything=D. so since i was cleaning it out in the garage, i didnt have any shoes on (fyi: i dont really like wearing shoes...) and it was so close to time to go get Em, Jacob and Leah that i was in a rush and i was hungry! so mama made me a ham sandwich (bless her) and i grabbed my purse and keys & jumped in the car! driving down the road i realized... i had no shoes on. -_- yeah, for real. i drove ALL the way to the school without shoes. and had no time to go back! it was pretty funny :) alas, they wound up not riding... Hilary- she rode with Kayla (loserrrrr.. jk iloveyou) and Caleb- he had a bad day *random song moment!* "Cause ya had a bad day! you're takin' one down, ya sing a sad song just ta turn it around! you say you dont know, ya tell me don' lie you work on a smile and ya go for a ride! ya had a bad day, the camera dont lie, ya comin' back down & ya really don' mind... ya had a bad dayy-ayy-ayyyyy... ya had a bad day"

okay, sorry :) SO before that, i had thought that Blake said to be at Wings at 6:30... & that's what i told Cory... well, APPARENTLY it was 7:30! ugh. i fail. but we wound up leavin at like 5:30-ish anyways cause Cory and I wanted to spend more time together :) so we went to the mall and looked around :) then we went to wings! ahh what fun :) a bunch of people came! :D Cory left at like 9 which was sad, as always :( well, after he left, Derrick started doing a photo shoot for April's camera.. and i was RIGHT behind him just-a creepin! then he asked me to join him and of course i did! :) we had a ball! it was so fun!! :) i will have to post the pics :)

so yeah, i drove home (yes, as i said earlier ALL the way!!) and i was SO tired!!!! ugh. i even fell asleep on Cory! haha oppsieee :)


once again, i went to school. i go Mon-Thurs and it gets OLD!! i came home & was so tired that i did absolutely NOTHING! I pretty just just layed in the bed all afternoon and then when Cory got home from school i talked to him like always. My mother hates that lol we're on the phone constantly. our parents can't believe we wanna talk to each other so much! but hey, i love him and all i care about is being with him.. so what's a girl to do?! lol anyways, i got up and got ready for church... which i was late for yet again. church was alright.. one of those testifying services. some really good ones were told :) when i went to bed i noticed id heard a loud rumble... see, i hate thunderstorms! im not as bas as i used to be, but i still dont like them.. and the thunder and lightening last night was TERRIBLE. =( ugh. i was scared! i finally went to sleep...

today has been good so far...

until just a minute ago. last night Cory's parents gave him the O.K. for him to come see me tomorrow :) but he just texted me and said he'd had a bad day & it had to do with his car.

just. our. luck. =/ ugh. i hate when i get my hopes up for something and they're shot down! of course, idk if he's for sure not coming or what.. :( this is what i dislike about being in a long-distance relationship... the wonder of when i'll get to see him next :( we make all these plans for us to do and then BAM something happens or he cant :( maybe things will turn around though, like i said, i dont like getting my hopes up. when something bad happens, or there's a slight possibilty of him not coming, i always look for the worst. i know, im a "negative ned" lol can't help it though! its just my mentality. i try to be positive, but i just really hate the feeling when i get my hopes up only to have them shot down :( anyways, sorry about my rambling... im pretty sure ive done enough of it now :)

fair winds my friends!


*ps: Cory just had a flat :) i worry too much!

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