Monday, April 18, 2011

There was this little girly... her hair was kinda curly..

Day 1: a picture of yourself with 21 facts-

1. I'm 18... but i really look about 15 or 16.

2. I honestly love to be called Rae :)

3. I have red hair & blue eyes.

4. i am 4'11 & 1/2 & i love being short!

5. my hair is naturally curly.

6. i was voted Biggest Flirt of my senior class...

7. now, i am a flirt. i'll admitt it! but in all honesty i dont do it on purpose. its just my personality. im a very friendly person. & i can see where it would come across as being a flirt. but i promise it's not on purpose!

8. i went to disney world for my senior trip :)

9. i have an AMAZING boyfriend who i am madly in love with :) we go together like pb&j ;)

10. i have a thing for older men (even though my boyfriend is 1 year & 4 months younger than i am). i just tend to find them attractive.

11. thanks to Kurt, i am no longer allowed to watch the new episodes of Glee =/

12. i love to sing! and i loooove love LOVE to dance!

13. i love acting & adore broadway :)

14. I have God's most amazing gift & i would never trade it for anything! :)

15. Cory & I will be together for 8 months a week from wednesday :)

16. this is the longest relationship i have ever been.... ever.

17. my friends are better than yours =P

18. i can't stand sleeping with the tv off!

19. my biggest pet peeve is when a door is either left open or just barely cracked... this seriously gets to me & idk why! but when I have a door shut and my mom or sister comes in & either leaves it open, or doesnt shut it all the way it flies all over me.

20. im actually pretty lazy and i have tried doing better!

21. i am a huge disney world fanatic. no joke.. & absolutely no exaggeration. ask any of my friends or family.

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