Tuesday, November 1, 2011


okay... sooo i know i shouldn't complain!! BUT!!!! I just feel like venting for a little bit. about people who get on my nerves. so, here goes:

the girl who falls in love with EVERY. GUY. SHE. DATES.
i know more than one person like this! anyways, i just dont see how you can fall for EVERY single guy! to me, Love is not a word that you just throw around!! it's a SPECIAL word that's meant for that one person you wanna spend your life with. Now, i know someone who dated a guy for like 10 years (okay, like 3?) & she was super young when they started dating, so she's pretty much only dated him her entire teenage years! & now they've been broke up about a year, & she's dating other people (person, whatever) anyways, if they just so happened to one day fall in love, that would be different. the type girls im talking about are the ones who tell like 3-4 boyfriends they love them!!! i just do not get it! lol one month you'll see them with one guy & they're madly in love with them, the next... they're with a COMPLETELY different guy (usually a lot uglier, too! ever noticed that?) and MADLY in love with them! geez... it kills me! i guess, being in love... and knowing what REAL love is, just makes me wonder how you can love more than that one person you're already "so in love with" i mean yeah, life's short... and you should love and fall in love... but GOOD LORD. is it THAT important that you fall in love with every guy you speak to?
(and I do not mean you, Kendra Long lol)

th3 on3 whoo sp3lls there (<-- purposely missed spelled) wor$ wit symbols n stoopid (<--seriously? yeah. seriously.) wayyyyys like dis n dat.
i'll admitt. SOMETIMES i will put more than one y or something, so people will kinda get the way i wanna say it... if that makes sense?
oh!! there's also "musikk", "yu"/"yooh", "qood" (people like putting q for g now! it's the cool way!)

the person who can't use Your, You're, There, Their & They're.
(this applies to my boyfriend, also lol bless it... he tries!)
here's a lesson on how to use Your, You're, There, Their & They're :)
Your (in possession of something) "Is that YOUR phone?"
You're (as in YOU ARE) "Cory, you're the best!" (had to get cheesy on ya! lol)
There- "There has to be another way!!!!"
Their (more than one person's belongings) "Their little boy's name is Taylor."
They're (as in THEY ARE) "They're having a boy in January!"
lol i know it sounds like im being a smart alleck..
i am :) lol

i think im okay now :)
dont get your feelings hurt if you think im talking about you..
im sure im not! lol
everyone just has to get it out every once in a while, ya know?
maybe you found some humor (or help, for the ones who never spell those words right! lol jk) out of this :)
i will be starting my letters soon :) & my 30 days of what im thankful for, too :)
fair winds, followers!

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  1. haha this made me chuckle! I totally agree with EVERYTHING you put on here! They drive me crazy too! lol