Thursday, November 10, 2011

days 3-10 of thankfulness :)

day 3:
i am thankful for my church :) Rocky Branch is such a wonderful place to go :) We get some of the best teachings there and i love everyone so much! It's been my home church since i was born and I also received the Holyghost there :) idk what im gonna do when i get married and move off! (come on, everyone knows about Cory and I! NO WE'RE NOT ENGAGED! yet...;) lol) it'll be hard, but i know i'll adjust fine wherever i go ;)

day 4:
i'm DEFINITELY thankful for my raising!! and my teachings! i've noticed so many things in the past year that has made me realize how good i have it :) some people are just not.. taught. either that, or they have and just don't listen! like i said before, i have amazing teachings at church from our ministers & especially from my parents. im glad i was raised up the way i was!!

day 5:
im so thankful God put me with such amazing parents :) my mom is my best friend and i have the best, smartest daddy in the world! they have been there through everything! and they know exactly how to make me smile :) of course, we all have our times when we butt heads and fuss, but what family doesn't? God couldn't have put me with better parents :) he must've known nobody else could handle me ;)

day 6:
i'm very thankful for my sisters & brothers-in-law!
as most of you know, my family unofficially adopted Carri Frolik as a daughter/sister :) so that means i have 3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 (well, almost) nephews & a niece!
they all mean SO much to me :) Those babies can make me laugh & smile on days when i dont even feel like smiling! & Carri has been such a good friend to me. Rebecca and Jed are of course always there to make me laugh :) especially since Becca got married... she's grown herself quite a backbone and she cracks me up at the things she can say! the older she gets, the more she's like my mother! it's kinda crazy :) not to mention her big ole baby bump makes me so happy i can't hardly stand it! :D its so unreal!
& last there's emily... oh my. Emily seriously can get on my LAST nerve. but then again, she turns around and completely cracks me UP! she has one of the best personalities ever :) & really knows how to make someone laugh :) (oh, i love my brothers too! lol)

day 7:
im thankful for all the things i have in life. my house, phone, computers, car, money, food, gas, tvs, POWER! all the little things i take for granted... im so thankful for :) if it weren't for them, id go crazy!

day 8:
im thankful for my boyfriend! he's the best friend i've ever had and i couldn't have asked for anyone better! God seriously had something to do with us getting together :) & i'm completely and totally psyched about spending my life with him one day in the future :) we're so good together and i absolutely love every minute with him! we've had our little fusses & fights, but they've only made us stronger and brought us closer :) i'm glad God gave him to me :)

day 9:
im thankful for every day i have here on this earth.
every day im able to get up, walk around, sit, stand, speak, move...
just be alive! and i am so thankful for that! every day God watches over me and keeps me safe wherever i go :) and keeps my family safe too! im just so very thankful for everything he does for me!

day 10:
im thankful for everyone God has put in my life.
good and bad! im thankful for the good ones bc they are obviously... good for me! :) they're the best and i couldn't ask for better :)
as for the bad... im thankful for them bc if hadn't been for them, i wouldn't be where i am today! and i adore where i am now :) :)

so there ya have it! a whole week in one post! imma put up some pics soon!
& hopefully start on my letters... lol
much love & fair winds followers!

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