Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful days 1&2 :)

Nov. 1-
today i am thankful for all the many times God has blessed my life & me :) :)
he blessed my life with a wonderful boyfriend & best friend that cares for me and loves me so much its almost impossible :) and i hope one day he'll bless us so we can be husband and wife and have a family :) (NO we're not engaged!!! maybe soon, though!)
he blessed my life with such a wonderful and loving family :) :) my family means the world to me!! they're always there when i need them :) i am truly thankful for that!
he blessed my life with a wonderful church and church family! there is nothing i am more proud of than that! My religion is something i have & always will cherish♥
he's blessed my life with many, many friends :) :)
he's been answering prayers for me here lately, and i know he's gonna keep answering more! :) :) everytime i need him, he's there! God has truly blessed me recently and i know one of these days he's gonna free me! :) :) just thinking about that makes me happy! :) :) he's looked at me so much lately and i am so so thankful for that! :) :)

Nov 2-
today i am thankful for my job!
even though i haven't been feeling well lately, and hate getting up, i still am so thankful God gave me such a wonderful job! :) :) he answered a prayer on my 1st day here! Brian is a guy i work with... when i first met him you could just tell he HAD to be an absolute TURD. (excuse my language lol im sure i could say worse!) i mean even when he said hey to me, it was like he couldn't care less.. then i found out i was gonna have to work with him on something. and it was gonna be just the 2 of us!! i started in praying that if i was gonna have to work with this man, just for the Lord to please let us get along!! no joke, the next day he was sitting in my office talking! :) now he cuts up, and is probably one of my favorite people here! i've had one REALLY bad day here & the people even then were good to me :) i believe God blessed me with this job! & i am so very thankful for having one with the economy like it is today! it means a lot & it is a VERY good job! :) :) im so thankful!

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