Saturday, July 2, 2011

somewhere over the rainbow...

well hello there!! its been a good bit, has it not? i believe the last time i blogged was right before Plevna's revival! which was about 3 weeks ago... i guess im not the best blogger =P lol anyways, Plevna was great! =] i did NOT wanna leave at all. i absolutely love it there!! i stayed with Cory's sister & parents and i felt so at home! i absolutely love them! i cried when i left... of course. i seriously think that the older i get, the more emotional i become! ive always been a total drama queen.. but geez. do i have to cry all the time? lol anyways, after that was Park City/ Scotsburro... i only made it to Park City... sorry Kenna. lol it wasnt so bad there! i went sunday night and... thursday night! Sunday night someone recieved it! the girl was speaking in tongues SIDEWAYS!!!! no joke. i saw it! it was crazy lol thursday night was good too. i went with my friend Callie and then we went to best buy for her mom and KRISPY KREAME! =D all i had to do was mention it and Lorie was like "OKAY!" coolest. mom. ever. i love that woman! she's called me before to talk to me about some stuff and no joke we talked for FOREVER. it was great! anyways, Oak Grove was this past week. i went all day Sunday! Sunday morning was the singing & i must say that even though Cory is my boyfriend he did a GREAT job on the guitar :) i absolutelty love that he plays and the fact that he's so good at it! :) anyways, before i start drooling, lol Sunday night was really good! i went Wednesday night too.. it was good. we went out to eat & dummy me misunderstood my mother & thought she was okay with me going to eat in scotsburro which is the complete opposite direction of my house! lol it was okay though :) & i havent done anything interesting these past 2 days. until tonight... i went to a cookout at Lizzy's :) it was fun! well, i guess i've bored you all enough for now! ;)
fair winds follwers!

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