Saturday, July 9, 2011

why am i up?!

okay, so yeah its probably not the best idea that i am awake right now... considering the bad mood ive been in today and that i have to get up in less than 5 hours. =/ anyways, i was looking for something to do while i let the laptop charge... oh the things i do to be able to sleep. yeah, i absolutely HAVE to have a tv or some kind of movie playing... its habbit and i hate it =/ i wish i could get out of it, but i cant. there's always a constant ringing in my ear when i try to sleep without it =( anyways, so im on my friend's desktop while the laptop charges for a bit :) anyways, Lord... idk what to even blog about!! haha! i have been up to absolutely nothing but cleaning bc my mother goes CRAZY in the month of July and absolutely has to have every thing done 3 weeks before revival even begins. jk, but she does go crazy on us! she always redecorates the house & decides she wants to paint! smart right? WRONG!! my room is pink =/ like... bright bubble gum pink... not really suiting for me anymore... in all honesty, it never has been haha! anyways, so shes wanting to paint my room a "neutral"color.... revival is 2 weeks away.... yeah. we havent even chosen a color. not to mention, while we're trying to clean house... my older sister and brother-in-law have moved in with us due to air-conditioning problems. -_- not that i mind having my sister back! its just harder than i thought.... haha! mother got on to me saying that i dont need to make them feel like a burden on us... but honestly, who wants to share a bathroom with 2 other girls when its hard enough to share with one? not to mention ive slept with my younger sister EVERY night since they've been there! and she hogs my bed =/ no fun... besides fussing with my older sister like i always have, its not TOO big of a deal to have them there.. but i do wish we had an extra bed =/ lol well, Cory Lynn is in Orlando! loser went to Universal!! can you say LUCKY?! yeah, i would love to get away! luckily, after not seeing each otehr for a week and a half, he came to see me last wednesday night and went to church with me :) then he left thursday night & they stopped in GA, and made it to Orlando safely Friday morning :) i miss him!! we took a "ladies trip" to the smokies back in april & he just went on and on about how he wanted me to come home and junk. of course, i was having fun... & yes i wanted to come home cause i missed him too! but i still had a good time! lol anyways, i totally know what he was feeling now... i actually wish i were with him cause that would mean id get to see him all day every day and that id get to go to Universal! =D lol needless to say, im ready for him to come see me next wednesday! we're pretty emotionally attatched to one another :) which i guess could be a bad thing in some ways. but seriously, he's the best friend i could EVER ask for! like... i can go to him with absolutely anything :) back when the power was out for like... almost a week, my nerves went HAYWIRE. i cried every single night for like 5 days. it started on the monday before the tornado and Cory and I had went through something & so we cried together on the phone.... then tuesday the tornado hit & we acted like we were both dying & told each other we loved each other every 5 min.. lol then after that my nerves went crazy on me. i felt bad bc here i was my family alive, my boyfriend alive, friends alive... & all these people had lost loved ones in this... yet i could not get ahold of my nerves! it was awful... & in all honesty, Cory was the only person i felt like i could go to without feeling stupid. i cried to him every night for about 5 nights!! and he would try his very best to calm my nerves down or help me :) it really showed me what a best friend he really was to me. ive never been able to go to someone like that, other than my mother & even sometimes we all know how mothers are... they still dont understand lol, but i just feel so thankful to be able to have someone i can litterally call my best friend! and im not trying to go all mushy-blog on ya... im just saying :) he's the best friend i think God has ever given me :) & not to mention i love him very much :) (or so big, for Jenny's sake =P) so its kind of a 2-for-1 deal :) anyways! i think im actually starting to get sleepy =D yay! im pretty sure the mtn dew baja blast i had a taco bell didnt help... lol well, its off to try to sleep for less than 4 & 1/2 hours! goodnight & much love ♥
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  1. so ... unless you have master painting skills and lots of willpower to do it till its done.. i wouldnt even try to paint your room. because i started painting mine back in october... and it STILL is half-pink half-yellow.... and says "bailey jean loves ross" really big on the wall from one night when i wasnt here and ross obviously was lol.. and my revival is the same as yours this year so unless i get in a hurry.. im gonna be embarrased by my room this year lol