Thursday, June 9, 2011

hey you. (: im so bored and should be cleaning my room... but we all know how that goes :) so i decided to blog. if nobody knows, my older sister, Rebecca Sims, makes the most adorable flowers! Her business is Blossoms by Becca :) they're adorable! and she just made the cutest Damask print flower that i am more than stoked to wear :) just thought id share that and if anyone ever needs a cutesy flower, i can get you some pics and show ya :) anyways, i honestly have no reason to blog.. other than the fact that im bored and procrastinating on cleaning up my room. im so lazy (: haha! i cant believe Cory will be off of work in less than an hour... he's been working a lot lately! im so proud of him :) myself, not so much! :/ im such a loser! haha i seriously need to get my fat end up and get a job. im just scared! if you know me, you know im like... the most outgoing person you've pretty much ever met! and you know that i can talk a LOT and to just about ANYONE! but when it comes to confrontation, i freak. i am the most easily intimated person... applying for a job completely tears my nerves to pieces! :( maybe ill get over it. lol one day. anyways, im so ready for this weekend & this coming week! Plevna's revival starts!! and Uncle Matt AND Uncle Ollie (yes, Bro. Ollie Taylor is my uncle!) are running it! :) im really hoping for a good one! :) if everything goes as planned, ill be there for pretty much the whole week! you know what i need to do? go on a diet. i can hear you all out there that are reading this say: "OH MY LORD!! NO YOU DONT!" ha! for those of you who thought that or anything to do with me NOT going on a diet... thanks :) for those of you that might've thought the opposite... stop reading now -_- haha! jk jk. i completely agree. my mom is on weight watchers and for some odd reason im getting motivations to diet! so i think i might start. i may blog about it :) i actually lost around 8 pounds back in march! i felt awesome! then i went to the Smokies... let myself splurge and....... well we all know how that goes! i quit the diet thinking "hmm.. im sure if i just keep cutting back, ill be okay!" NOT! :( ugh. anyways, maybe one day ill lose all my weight :) my aunt got Zumba & i simply love it! its hardcore! lol but i looooove it! my mom wants to get it which totally makes me psyched! i love to dance! i remember the good old days when me, Kendra and Kayla would come up with the CHEESIEST (or should i say... Cheetah-ist, Kenna. ha! she'll get it) dances and think we were the coolest girls ever! just cause we knew how to make up dances. nothing made my life better than those moments :) i truly do miss it! i remember the VERY first dance we EVER made up! haha i have a video of it! and pictures :) we were so chubby and cute! haha and to look back on that hair!! hahahaha!! oh man. those were seriously the days. and who could forget all the times Chelsea and I had those "emotional talks"? haha! we were talking about that the other night & just laughed :) im glad i can look back on that stuff and see how i grew from it.
one thing i especially remember is the day that Hilary, Ashley, Becca, Me, Chelsea, Kayla and Kendra ALL decided we were having too many problems and we were gonna talk them out. so we did :) all 7 of us sat in a cirlce in Becca's room & told each other what our problems were with one another. before hand, we all promised that no matter what was said we would try our very hardest not to get mad & that we'd just try & fix the problems :) & we did. i believe that helped us! we cried and laughed & seriously told each other what we disliked about each other. the thing i remember them telling me the most is that i was hateful... haha! shocker there. im proud of the things like that. and im proud thatr my friends and i were able to overcome such silly, petty little things and talk it out :) but Lord knows that if we did that now..... oh goodness. there's no telling what would be said! anyways, i remember a time when all Hilary & I wanted to do was talk on the phone. that's all we cared about! and when we were penpals! that and we were all like inserperable! ahhhh :) good times! idk why im "reminiscing" on the old days....? guess like i felt like boring you guys some more :) i guess i've went on and on enough for right now...
expect another survey and maybe another blog! im thinking... old pictures :) maybe!
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