Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the other side of me.

Emotional side*
1. When you are stressed, what is the first thing you do?
go to Cory Lynn! im constantly unloading oh him lol bless it.

2. Does crying really make things better or worse?
depends. sometimes better, sometimes worse.

3. Is there anyone you can tell everything to?
definitely! i tell Cory Lynn pretty much everything! and my mom :)

4. What calms you down the most?
hmmm.. either Cory Lynn (of course) or talking to my self.. yes, i do that.

5. Any kind of music that makes you feel better?
hmm.. maybe something that fits my mood? i haven't really noticed too much.

6. Are you generally a happy person?
most definitely!

7. What or who puts the biggest smile on your face?
Cory Lynn and my mama! :) and my cousin Will!

7. Do you ever over-react on the smallest things?

8. Ever suffer from bad depression or anxiety?
not really... a few years ago i went through a little bit of a depressed stage, but i got out of it :)

9. Mad about something?

10. Happy about something?
sure :)

*Loving side*
1. currently with someone? yes sir! :D

2. happy about that? extremely! :)

3. how long now? a little over 9 months :)

4. have you married this person or got engaged? nope ;)

5. like to cuddle? if it were holy!

6. do you like sensitivity? i do!

7. Is your partner open about their feelings towards you? very! he's not afraid to let me know his feelings.

8. still in love? very much so :) :)

9. do looks really matter? no, but my boyfriend is beautiful :)

10. if they don’t like your family or friends, does that really matter?
well, it matters a LOT if they dont like my family. i wouldnt like it if he didnt like my friends, but we're not around my friends a lot, so they haven't really had the chance to get to know one another.

11. who starts the most arguments? depends.

*Friendly side*
1. have besties in your life?
yeah :)

2. who are they?:
Cory Lynn, Mama, Lizzy, Emily, Amber & Kenna.

3. do you see them alot?
most of the time :)

4. do they like the guy/girl you are with?
i do believe so.. he makes me happy & i honestly think thats the only thing that matters :)

5. which one lives the fartherest away?
Cory Lynn :(

6. do you get along with everyone?
i get along with almost anyone!
or i try to anyways.

7. are you too nice of a person towards people?
sometimes i really am.
i hate confrontation.

8. would you give anything to someone in need of help?
most definitely! im the type that no matter what someone has done to me, im gonna be the best friend i can be...

9. would you consider ever getting a tatto of your bff on you?
ha! no.

10. what about your lover?
lol noooo.

11. know anyone two-faced?
but let's be for real.. aren't we ALL a little but 2-faced??

*Physical Side*
1. are you a lover or fighter?
lover :) but i will fight for what i love!

2. ever been in a fist-fight?
nope lol

3. have you been in a abusive relationship?

4. are you more to verbally fight or physically fight?
im definitely a verbal fighter.

5. do you consider yourself in shape?
oh Heavens no!

6. what features do you wish to change?

7. ever have anything from your body removed?
wisdom teeth.

*your weird side*
1. ever wonder what was on the “other side”?
Heaven :) duhh.

2. believe there is a heaven?
i don't think this is weird!
YES!!!! more than anything.

3. seen UFO’S latley
nahh not lately. lol

4. wander if animals can talk?
that.... would be so... COOL! lol
jk but wouldn't it be kinda neat?

5. what about the lochness monster?
definitely not.

6. can you watch horror movies by yourself in the dark?
umm i cant even watch them with a bunch of people in broad daylight!

7. is your doors always locked at night?
our doors leading outside are.

8. ever sing in front of the mirror?
of course!

9. name something you do that you normally won’t admit bc it is strange?
lol i admit it to people, but whenever i try on an outfit or fix my hair i pose in the mirror to make sure i look okay when i smile.. just in case i take pictures :) haha!! im so lame.

10. ever believe that there was little green men that take your stuff and hide it while you sleep ?
i probably did when i was younger... my imagination was GINORMOUS.

11. ever wander if stars are people we lost? well, according to the lion king....

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