Tuesday, May 31, 2011

two bare feet on the dashboard....

hello fellow bloggers :) i got an urge to blog, so i decided it was a good time :)
i havent done an update in a while... like any of you genuinely care haha! anyways, let's see.... have i ever mentioned that i worry like.. WAY too much? yeah, well i do. about every little thing. big or little, im worry about it. Cory Lynn on the other hand worries about the itty bitty things. I wonder why guys tend to do that? its like they have no worries what-so-ever about something HUGE, yet when something tiny happens they totally freak out! anyways, for most of you that don't know... im gonna be an Auntie! :D and i am super stoked! she's about 7 weeks now :) its due January 14th. which is like EVERYONE's bday! haha or close to it :) but yes, i am so excited! i will be sure to keep everyone posted on the progress. so! i made some new friends :) imagine that! i mean, we were more of just aquaintinces before, but now i feel some new friendships coming on :) and im so excited! revivals are starting up! its starting to feel like summer :) o.m.L... on May 14th, i went outside to talk to Cory while he was on his way to work.. well, my allergies have been going NUTS on me lately (not so much now, but then it was absolutely HORRID!) and suddenly my right eye starts itching like something AWFUL!! i go inside only to find out it started swelling D: and it swelled up SO big :( i couldnt go to church and not only that, but Cory Lynn and his sister Dana were coming that next morning to pick me up to go to their church (we share the same regular weekend, but it was RB's decoration, so we didnt have church)!!!! :( i was praying like crazy and freaking out. i figured out that if i took benedryl regularly, kept cold compresses on it and slept on the opposite side it would go down. well, it worked a bit... my eye wasnt as swelled the next morning & i was able to go to church with Cory Lynn :) it was a good service & i got to spend time with his family :) anyways... ummm honestly, not a whole lot has happened since then. Cory Lynn and i have been together for 9 months! which is a HUGE success for me! im so surprised at myself! i can't believe time has flown by like this and its already been 9 months! :) :) he's so great! :) :) AHHHHHHH!!!! LIZZY MOVED BACK TO BAMA!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D i could not be happier!! its like having a sister back! :) in the summer of 2009, she lived with me. it gave me an insight on what marriage will be like... yeah. i hope i like it a LOT more! haha jk jk. i loved living with Lizzy, at times. i think we just got TOO much of each other though :) haha but im so psyched she's back home :) i spent Memorial Day with Cory Lynn & some of my family and friends :) i was in an odd mood for some of the day, but afterwards i realized how fun it was :) Cory Lynn started college today! im excited for him :) not so much about how early though... but he seemed to like it. hope that lasts! :) well, i think ive wasted enough of your time for tonight!
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  1. Awww I love you too Rae and I am SOO glad to be back in Bama! I believe the married life will be a whole lot better haha=]