Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lots to update you guys on!

hello friends :) okay! i have TONS to update you all on that i did not mention in my last post. first of all! Happy February! the 1st was 4 months till Cory Lynn & I tie the knot!! & now we only have 115 days!!!! That may seem like a lot to you guys... but when you've been counting down for over a year... it's really not lol i know i mentioned in my latest post that Cory & I have a home!! we are currently working on it! :) the renovation is coming along nicely right now. a few small problems that can be fixed have came up, but that's about it! ANYWAYS!!! i totally for got to mention my GORGEOUS nephew Taylor!!!! :) :) :) :) he's a month old (yesterday!) :) :) ah! he's so sweet! he has SO much hair & his mom fixes it in a little mohawk ^-^ lol so cute! he is amazing! the only pics i have of him that are recent are on my phone, but i will try & get more than just the one of him in the hospital up ASAP! again, wedding is coming along nicely :) i picked my dress up & i am in love allllll over again! i dont remember if i blogged about my dress experience... did i? oh well! just in case... we went to David's Bridal & i got the BEST consultant!! she was so fun & bubbly :) anyways, we were looking at dresses & she showed me one that i just didnt really know if i liked... little did i know it was SPARKLY!! ahh! lol i also was DETERMINED to try on the Royal Wedding dress :) yes, Kate Middleton's dress. so i get it on... LOVED it. mama cried & i thought for sure it was it... then i put on the sparkly dres... & it was JUST as wonderful... i LOVED it.... well, i kept comparing every dress to the Kate dress & just wanted it back on.. put it on again & well... ehh. it was just too wintery for what my wedding is all about. so i wanted to put the sparkly one back on... when i did i just loved it so much... it was totally it. i cried, mama cried... it was an awesome experience :) :) i got my crown & im borrowing my sister's veil!! its all so wonderful!! lol if you watch say yes to the dress, you'll know who im talking about when i say the name Randy! well, there was a dress specialist there like Randy & he went on about how good it looked on me. i was thrilled cause i knew that he knew what he was talking about :) dress shopping was so fun!! i finally went & got it & put it on again :) :) *sigh* loverly lol anyways, things are going so much better since my last post! still need all those prayers for Cory Lynn & a good job! we really need this to happen! i just want him to have somthing with steady hours so he can provide.. im leaving my job in may sometime & i'll have to find something out there... not sure what yet. hopefully something will come up! im having a hard time deciding on whether or not to go back to school with the future hubby! EVERYONE (parents, in-laws, co-workers, church friends...etc.) is telling me i should. & i know that! i just dont have a desire to be there at all!! nor do i have something i wanna be!! (career wise i mean. i really just wanna be a housewife & someday a mommy!) idk.. i know that any of you that comment is going to tell me what i need to do is go to school... & trust me, i really am thinking hard about this! buuuut right now its a no.. maybe lol either way! ah! i also am excited to say that Cory Lynn & I will be honeymooning in.......... DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!! ahhhh!♥♥ totally his idea, btw! i mean, i wanted to at first... but he said no. so i changed my mind.... then a few months ago he just randomly tells me that he wants to go! at first i said no, but he talked me into it :) :) i am SO excited! then, if im not mistaken, 4th of July weekend we are going with his parents to Universal!! im so ready to do all of these awesome things with my hubby! its always been a dream! :D well, im done with my novel now :)
much love♥
fair winds, follwers!

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