Tuesday, January 31, 2012

mega stressed today.

so since all i've posted recently has been surveys, i feel the need to post an actual blog. not to mention, i'm UBER stressed. i only got paid for a total of 18 hrs when i work 30 hr weeks. let's just say, Rae ain't so happy right now. i have things i need to save for!! i guess this is where good news for all of you follwers that didn't know comes in.. Cory Lynn & I have a house :) :) it's an older house close to where he lives now & we're completely demolishing the place & making it our own :) i just know it'll be super cute!! it looks horrid right now... lol but we're working on that! he's working with future pops every day & even sometimes at publix & going to school. i'm so proud of him! :) just hoping he can get a job that he really enjoys & has steadier pay than publix, so if you guys can, please send up a prayer for him! :) anyways, i've got my dress & wedding plans are coming together quite nicely :) :) we've got the planner, photographer & someone to make my cake all lined up :) so that makes me feel better! im having an AWFUL time picking out bridesmaids dresses!!!! its been a mega burden on me lately! we've resorted to making them. which we dont even know if that will work or not. my mother thinks she can just add on to her stress by trying to help make them... i always tell her not to cause she's already so upset about my leaving home that its not gonna help! for some reason i've really been struggling with that. i know im gonna be fine cause i know its where im supposed to be.. but i guess when reality hits me i can't hardly believe it. i've always lived at home with my mom & been there with her... she is for real my best friend!! so knowing im gonna be so far away for her permanently, is hard to grasp. i can't wait to get married! i really can't!! but i guess im just having a hard time... growing up! trust me, if you aren't engaged or haven't ever had to move off, & you sometime do... you'll understand! im stoked to be getting married & starting my new life with Cory Lynn :) :) just.. nervous about it cause ive never been THAT far away for... well, forever. lol anyways, other than all the stress from the pay thing... im doing okay lol just thought i'd vent for a little bit & put off working :)
fair winds, followers!

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  1. If you need any info on getting bridesmaids dresses made, call me. We used a lady that was great and sooooooooo very reasonable that I paid her double what she told me because I felt bad!