Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If I Die Young♥

Well, as most of you know, Taylor Katlin McLain was called home to be with the Lord yesterday morning.<3

Taylor and I knew one another, but undortunately we were not "best friends". she was a total sweetheart and we always would hug and squeal when we saw each other :) She was always so perky and so, so happy!! I remember having an inside joke with her a few years ago about a boy that she liked :) :) Even though we were not super close, yesterday was an awful day for me. I found out she has passed while i was on my lunch and just lost it completely. I couldn't finish my food or anything. I cried off and on for the rest of the day. My heart is so heavy for her family and her friends. I would see pictures of her and all of her friends and they all looked SO close. I honestly can NOT imagine what it would be like to lose someone that close to me.

When I first heard about the wreck, the FIRST person to hit my mind was her boyfriend of about 6 months, Jared. He's such a sweet guy and loved Taylor SO much!! you could see it on his face, & just about every post he made was about his beautiful girlfriend that he loved so much :) My heart breaks for him... I guess it's bc i know what its like to love someone so much... I can not imagine it.. i dont want to. I actually got to talk to him yesterday. He seemed to be trying to stay strong for everyone. I received a text this afternoon stating that he also had a wreck today and totaled his car. Thank God he's okay, though so don't freak out! he's just sore.

i really just can't even get over all this. My thoughts and prayers are with all of her loved ones.

I'm not able to attend the viewing tomorrow night... I wish I could go, but i just dont know that i could handle it. I've already taken it so hard! so unfortunately im gonna sit this one out... so if you don't see me, please don't think i didnt love Tay or her friends, just know that I dont think my mind, or nerves, could handle it.

This also brings me to making sure you all know that I love you. I hope that none of you are, or ever have been, hurt at me. If you have, i am terribly sorry for whatever i said or did. I love you all so much!!
Fair Winds followers. Please stay safe.

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