Friday, October 7, 2011

I couldn't be happier, no!

goodness. can i just say something??
one of the things i dislike most is unnecessary drama posted for ALLLLL the internet world to see... UGH. and some people just really need to GROW. UP!! that's something else that ticks me off. silly little girls who post their problems all over the social networking world so they can start something. and then if someone ever commented on it and voiced their opinion, i just KNOW they'd blow up and get mad... here's a tip: if you post it for the world to see, that means the world has a right to voice their opinion. am i not right??

anyways, sorry about that. things just seems to get to me, even if it doesn't involve me lol like i said, i just don't like unnecessary drama! & NO it hasnt happened to me lol or anybody! i just know how some people are and just happened to come up on something and it kinda set me off lol well, Melia is getting married tomorrow!!!!!! unfortunately im not able to go... =( but... i do have some veeerrrrryyyy exciting news!!!!

I'M GOING TO SEE WICKED!!!!!!!!! my life couldnt be more complete! or should i say as Glinda does, "I couldn't be happier." :D
anyways, i just wanted to get that out and let you in on a little piece of my exciting life ;)

much love & fair winds, followers!

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