Monday, December 19, 2011

"Marry me, today and every day"

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

CORY & I ARE ENGAGED!!!! :) :) :) :)

i'm sure you've heard, but i thought id either confirm the rumor if you didnt think it was true, or at least tell you! Plus, Kendra told me I had to post the story on my blog lol & of course i had already thought of that!! anways, first of all, let me apologize to those of you whom i DIDNT text or let know. I was in such a state of shock & it was so early in the morning that I barely even knew how to add contacts so i could text!! lol im for real! no exaggerating! so i just typed in a bunch of names of people i knew! so, i am VERY sorry if you did not receive a text or phone call personally from me!! anyways! let me kinda explain a few things first.... originally, Cory was gonna ask me to marry him on our 1 year! (sweet, right?) well, his dad told him he thought it would be better if Cory waited till he was done completely with high school (glad he did wait now!) & that was gonna be in December! So Cory had to wait.

Friday night, (12-16-11) Cory Lynn came over for our family Christmas with my sister carri (ya know, the unofficially adopted one) & her husband & kids! so he was gonna stay the night at my house & i was going to Carri's cause we were gonna do our Christmas the next day :) well, Mason, my nephew, woke me up at 6!! so of course i texted Cory lol little did i know he was awake & getting everything ready! I honestly did not think it would be this weekend!! at all. i didnt think he had the ring.. nothing! well, the plan was for me to come back home around 8:30. well, i got ready (wearing a hoodie & cheetah swim skirt). When i was getting ready, i took my hair down.. & decided to just leave it that way, cause it wasnt TOO bad. Cory Lynn is VERY lucky, cause i could've put it up in a "crap bun" as he calls it lol anyways, i tell my little sister to get ready so we can head on over there a soon as possible (im always very pushy & anxious when he's there & im not, so i nag until she gets ready lol she wasn't bad this time though... wonder why -_-) well, she gets ready, i come outta the bathroom & its about 5 till 8:30 & i tell her to come on! She says, "mama says we can't come home because cory's in the shower or something..." of course that makes me slightly aggravated... i've been there more than once when he was in the shower! not like im gonna go in there... so of course i say, "uhh... why? we've been there when he was in the shower before!" her reply: "well, don't ask me, ask mom." -_- so instead of making a big deal, i just decided to play with the kids & wait. I realized that Cory was up & i had already called him more than once to try & wake him up so he'd be ready like me when i got there.. so, to see if he was "done getting ready" i called again. no answer. you can imagine the agitation i was starting to feel lol so FINALLY i decide that its okay for us to leave. well, on the way there.. things did start to kinda, well, add up a bit lol but SOMEONE decided to use his sinning advantages & tell me that "it is NOT this weekend, dont get your hopes up." "i dont even have your ring" -_- yeah. i know lol. so i threw that outta my mind because i didnt wanna get my hopes up at all! anyways, i get home & when i peeked in the garage thinking maybe... buuut of course not lol when i walk in the door, daddy was "washing dishes" (at 8 something in the morning? you'd think i'd notice these things, but i didnt lol) & says "well, what are you doin here so late?? i thought you'd be here a lot earlier!" & i mouthed off about mama not letting me come home. lol so here i am running my mouth when i look into our living room & ALL the lights are off :) (if you've ever been to my house, you know where im talking about & that my room is right off the living room!) the Christmas tree was, of course, all lit up... & there were candles & rose petals making a path to my bedroom door :) :) i looked up & saw Cory Lynn standing in the doorway smiling & i said, "What are you doing?!" (my mom was in the living room! & laughed... leave it to her lol) he smiled & i said "you're joking! you've got to be kidding me!!" & he said, "well, its a bit much for a joke, don't you think?" & i said, "yeah, kinda!!" he told me to come in my room where there were MORE candles & told me to sit down on my bed :) (or hop, in my case cause my bed is super tall lol) so i got on the edge of my bed & he got down on one knee :) :) :) :) he didn't spill his heart out, he just pulled out the prettiest, round, solitaire diamond ring & said, "Rachael LeeAnn, will you marry me?" :) :) :) :) & i replied with "Oh My Lord!!.... Oh my Lord, YES!!" :) :)

thinking about it gives me chills! i know some of you are like "Oh please!" but i really dont care! he did an amazing job! & i simply adore my ring! its all so hard to grasp! but it feels good to say that he is now my finace & not my "boyfriend" :) :)

unfortunately, they had to clean up the candles & such cause the wax was melting:( :( i had really wanted pics with my camera, but i've got some that were taken with a cell phone lol

here are the pics!

my ring :) :)

lol "hovering"

AHHHHH!!! :) :) :) :)

our first pic as an engaged couple ♥

you can see what i was wearing here lol
lovely, i know.

after he proposed :)


before he put the roses down (he took this with his phone)

more candles :)

aaannnnnd more lol

fair winds, follwers!

♥--Future Mrs. Holman


  1. so so sweet :) im so happy for yall!!!!!!

    and also, funny story.. i have that SAME EXACT CHEETAH SWIM SKIRT.
    (if im not mistaking) hahaha

  2. I'VE BEEN WAITING ON THIS POST THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!! lol I'm so happy for you guys!! I teared up reading it! Sooooo stinkin sweet!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. thanks so much y'all! :) :) it was amazing!♥
    Bailey- lol i love that skirt!

  4. "someone decided to use his sinning advantages" hahahaha and your dad was "washing dishes". Cracks me up!! SO happy for ya rae, seriously :)