Thursday, August 18, 2011

random blogging urges leads to nonsense blogging.

its not very often that i get a random urge to blog.

but for some reason i did today :) i thought it'd be nice since i like.. NEVER blog. i tried to think of something really interesting to blog about.. nothing. then i realized that i had blogged about needing a job... well guess what?! =D no. i dont have a job. BUT i do have an interview tomorrow morning at 10!!!! =D its at a place called Benefit Professionals & it's a receptionist job which is EXACTLY what i've been wanting to be for forever! im not sure what the place is all about. i know that's crazy, but all i know is that i am really hoping that if it's the Lord's will i can get it =) he knows i need it! lol thank God tomorrow is FRIDAY! i love weekends! on a normal weekend, i'd get to see Cory... but i dont think that's gonna happen this one :( it's been a while since we've gone this long without seeing each other. i hate every minute of it to be honest... but i know it'll pay off one day ;) our one year is a week from Saturday! i honestly can't believe its already been almost a year!! unfortunately, our one year is the same day as the annual rafting trip :( we were gonna go... but Cory informed me that he didn't want to =( which is okay! cause it is our anniversary. and of course i get ragged by EVERYONE saying "its not like y'all are married!" & "i can't believe you're not going because of some boy!!" lol so i know you'll miss me if you're going... sorry! lol anyways, i know people are gonna call me crazy, but i can not wait for winter!! i just love it! i hate being cold... but i love winter clothes! i have every intention to lose my weight by this Christmas so i can wear adorable clothes and be smaller. (i dont want to hear your comments on whether or not im fat. lol) so i know i mentioned this in my other blog, but we are just a few days away from figuring out that that little stinker chilling out in my sister's belly is!!! =D AHHH! i absolutely can't wait! well, if you guys could remember me tomorrow at around 10 am, that would be greatly appreciated! :) a quick prayer is all i need :) have a great weekend!
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